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Donuts from Space

Toyota’s GT86 sports car is already a fan favourite, but our latest project with the GT86 was truly out of this world – painting an ’86’ logo that was visible from space.

Collaborating with Toyota GB and pro drifting world champion Fredric Aasbø, we produced a range of assets for the ‘Fredric Aasbø and the Donuts from Space’ project, including a full-length reveal video, extended director’s cut, plus a behind-the-scenes film to show how we pulled off this remarkable feat. This was accompanied by a full suite of dynamic and static images, and the crowning glory: a satellite image showing the completed ’86’ logo decorating the skidpan at Millbrook Proving Ground.

In addition to driving awareness and GT86-related engagement, ‘Donuts from Space’ also showcased ‘Track Mode’, a recently introduced product feature for the standard GT86.

The resulting output was shared extensively by online outlets and their social channels, across Toyota GB’s blog and social media channels, as well as reaching Fredric Aasbø’s large audience of over 150,000 followers.


  • Over 775k owned channel video views

17th October 2017


Automotive, Branding