DMS Media is acutely aware of its responsibility with regard to the negative impact our business can have on the environment.

Through every step of our film production work, we seek to minimise these effects by complying with the Duty of Care Regulations.

From the outset, our productions seek to find energy efficiencies, recycle waste and choose processes to reduce as far as possible our CO2 footprint. We pay close attention to local environmental legislation, and judge our progress by our environmental performance, as well as the quality of the films we produce.

This is an ongoing process, and requires the full and active co-operation of our employees.

We are actively seeking to reduce our pollution, CO2 emission and waste in all areas of our operations. We recycle where possible and use vehicles, power sources and generators with low carbon dioxide emissions.

Within DMS Media, the CEO, Dan Strong is responsible for monitoring our improvements in environmental management.